Lucky Leaf Expo

Cannabis Hemp Expo

Irving Convention Center Dallas, TX

SEPT 21st – SEPT 22nd

10:00 am – 5:00 pm (both days)

Friday Pre-Show Crash Course– sold out 

Lucky Leaf Expo is proud to host World Canna Health’s revolutionary Cannabinologer™ Training at our Expo in Irving on Friday, September 20, 2019.

A Cannabinologer™ is a trained expert in the field of cannabinoids, their proper use, effectiveness, dosing & appropriate recommendations. You will learn the science and medicine plus a hands-on demonstration of cannabis cultivation and cloning, just to list only a few items of the training..

The training is designed exclusively for retail staff in the cannabis industry, health care providers and people looking to get into the cannabis/CBD or Hemp growing business. Click the button below to learn more and register.

Thank you to all who are continuing to inquire. The “Friday Pre-Show Crash Course is officially SOLD OUT.  If you would like to be added to a waitlist or find out more about our next Crash Course date, please send an email to with the subject title “Crash Course.” We will be hosting another crash course in the near future to accommodate those who could not get in to this one.  We’ve still got plenty of education available this weekend….General tickets are still on sale through 9/20/19 for the Expo+Seminars on Saturday & Sunday, with 50 speakers and 90 exhibitors, so get your tickets while they’re still on sale! 


About The Expo

New laws, new markets, new opportunities. 

With the freshly-passed hemp-friendly laws, Texas is finally joining the Green Rush. Join us to discover the rapidly growing world of CBD, Hemp and Cannabis. With 50 Expert Speakers and a full showroom of Exhibitors, we’ve got it all covered….everything from science, health and wellness, hemp cultivation, business strategies, new opportunities, legal, branding, start-ups, growth, policy reform and more.  Whether its for health, entrepreneurship, business networking or advocacy, there’s something for everyone! Come learn, network and explore!

Now’s the time to make your mark in Texas. 

Lucky Leaf Expo is a Cannabis/Hemp/CBD Conference and Expo in Dallas, TX. Our expo will take place on Sept 21-22nd at the Irving Convention Center, located just 10 minutes from downtown Dallas. 

Why Texas?
Texas is big. Cannabis is big. Hemp is big. And this expo is a big deal. We know a thing or two about how to handle that.

We built this expo with one thing in mind: it’s to have everything you need to grow your business—suppliers, mechanicals, attorneys, growers, distilleries, lighting companies. Get acquainted with edibles, laws, the agriculture process, and so much more.

Another thing to be psyched about? This expo is the only one in the region that covers cannabis AND hemp. So you’ll have access to more products, more knowledge and a larger network. It’s a one-stop event and we invite you to experience it.

Our expo is designed for businesses, investors or anyone who wants to know more about the cannabis and hemp industry.

Why now?
Texas has a very fresh, future-proof market. Bill 1325 was passed spring 2019, legalizing the industrialization of hemp—the farming, manufacturing and retail sale.

And, well, Texas has a lot of land. We’re emerging as a cannabis and hemp hub, especially for agriculture. Companies are choosing to build their businesses here, which is great for jobs and for having everything you need within reach.

Why Lucky Leaf?
We at Lucky Leaf have personally seen the positive impact that cannabis and hemp have made on people’s lives. We’ve seen individuals’ health and wellbeing thrive, we’ve seen people discover business opportunities that weren’t possible only a few years ago and we’ve witnessed the rising influence they have on local economies. Our company is a prime example.

Our passion for the industry propels us to bring you the best, most prolific event possible. We have a five-pronged approach

· Location: You know the old adage—location, location, location! We opted for a premier location in Dallas.

· Speakers: We gather industry-leading experts who’ll present the latest insights and hottest topics in the business.

· Exhibitors: In addition to many of the well-known names you’ll see in the cannabis world, we guarantee you’ll meet new exhibitors. We make it a point to offer a varied mix of exhibitors to keep our visitors curious and engaged.

· Networking: It’s the name of the game in any business, but especially ours, with cannabis opportunities in Texas being so new. We design our events to encourage you to meet other professionals. And with a name like Lucky Leaf, we believe in making your own luck. So, mingle.

· Education: At Lucky Leaf, we stay on the pulse of the latest developments in the industry. Whether it’s through our websites, social media channels, our speakers, our exhibitors, or via any other channel, we want to empower you with all the news, technologies, products and laws in our business.

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